Balancing Function and Fashion With Wide Brim Hats in Travel

When we travel, we experience new cultures and witness unforgettable sceneries. As most experienced travelers would agree, it is important to have provisions for any weather conditions. Among these things is the wide brim hat which can be described as a perfect blend of form and function. These hats are more than mere fashion accessories as they offer vital protection to women on the move in addition to their versatility.

Why Choose a Wide-Brim Hat?

No matter how big or small your travel destination is, or whether you are walking on a sandy beach or wandering through an old-world ruin, a wide-brim hat is a must-pack accessory. Here’s how.

Sun Protection

Hats are a great way to minimize sunburns and the cumulative damage that can come from increased sun exposure, as extended sun exposure can cause lasting skin damage. Some hats are made with broader brims very high on the ear for the most protection of the face, back of the neck, and shoulder. Tropical-weight hats will have Ultraviolet Protection factored in or will be rated with a UPF number.

Comfort and Breathability

Good-quality brimmed hats are designed with comfort in mind. Many are made with breathable materials such as straw, cotton or lightweight synthetics, which keep you cool even in hot climes. Ventilation features such as mesh panels or eyelets also add to airflow, allowing you to stay as cool as a cucumber as you explore the world.


Wide brim hats are wardrobe lifesavers when it comes to packing. They look great with everything from bohemian-chic beachwear to more dressed-up ensembles for city-hopping. Stay cool and look cool, too. Stick to beiges, navies, or blacks for maximum versatility, or wear a bright cap as a stand-out accessory.

Finding Your Perfect Travel Hat

Selecting the right wide brim hats for women for your travels involves considering several factors.

Fit and Adjustability

Make sure it fits snugly but comfortably on your head. If the weather is windy, a hat band with an adjustable cord or drawstring will keep the hat in place. The tighter the fit, the less likely it is to fly off when the wind picks up unexpectedly. 


Good travel hats must be packable so they don’t crease. Crushable or foldable wide-brim hats (which easily stow in your bag and quickly spring back into shape when unpacked) are good. Look for ones marked ‘packable’ or ‘crushable’.

Style and Personal Preference

Functionality is important for sure, but do pick something stylish for your head, and something you can return to again and again. Experiment with the texture, silhouette and color of different flops, shapes, sizes, materials, brims, ribbons, bands and pins to find a hat that works for you.

Conclusion: Stay Stylish and Safe

Not only is adding a wide-brim hat to your travel wardrobe a fashion statement, it is also a health and comfort tool. These hats provide relief from the sun’s rays and keep you cool during any climate choice. 

The multi-purpose hat looks good with nearly any outfit and will ensure you look good while living well after you arrive at your final destination. Pack this essential accessory for your next trip to stay fashionable, safe and comfortable.

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