How to play baccarat online 789BET win?

Baccarat is a very popular casino game, chosen by many people to both make money and have fun. Although the gameplay is not too difficult to understand, the game takes time to analyze and calculate. In this sharing post, 789BET Share with you betting methods baccarat online 789BET win quickly.

Some information you need to know about baccarat

Before consulting about tips for playing baccarat online 789BET, you need to have the most general overview of this entertainment. Below is information about baccarat that players should know:

How to bet

You can bet on either house or dealer. Besides, there is also a tie door. Especially, when you play baccarat online 789BET There are also dragon-protected doors and dragon-protected doors. The doors have different winning rates. If you win the bet or the number, the odds are 1:1.

Players can bet on one of the two Cai Con bets, in addition to other bets such as the draw bet, if playing at Ku Casino – there are also Cai Long Bao and Con Long Bao bets. In addition, long bets guarantee a win rate of 1:30 and a draw rate of 1:8. When playing at a real casino, once the player has finished betting, the Dealer will begin dealing the cards. Still playing at the house 789BET Then the participant places and ends the bet, and the new card is turned over.

Terminology in online baccarat 789BET

Some terms you need to remember when playing Baccarat are as follows:

  • Banker betting door: In Vietnamese, it is called Cai.
  • Tie bet: In Vietnamese, it is called Tie.
  • Player betting window: In Vietnamese, it is called Con.
  • Long said: The score of the lesson is 8 or 9.

How to calculate points

Points are calculated quite similar to the commonly played three-card card game. The highest score will be 9. In this game, scores are determined as follows:

  • Cards Q, K, 10, J: Corresponding to point 0.
  • Card A: Corresponds to point 1.
  • Cards from 2 to 9: Points corresponding to the number written on the card.

An example of how to calculate points is as follows:

  • 7+2 = 9: 9 points
  • 6+4 = 10: 0 points.
  • 9+6 = 15: 5 points.

How to play baccarat online 789BET win?

When playing baccarat online 789BET, there will be no way to help you win absolutely. However, to improve the situation and reach victory faster, players should apply some of the strategies below:

Fold the pot – play baccarat online 789BET

When applying this way of making money, you need to prepare yourself with a large amount of capital. This amount needs to withstand about 8 times more. Based on the strategy, you bet small and bet big. In case you lose a bet, you need to be patient to wait for the opportunity to bet big. Depending on the odds of betting on that door, you will choose appropriate odds such as 2.5, 1.5, 2, 3.5.

To start the game, you bet one unit first. In case we win, we bet again with the second bet level = previous bet level x specifications. The folding rate is usually 1,2,3,5,8 or 1,2,4,8… Betting strategies can ensure participants’ profits are proportional to their playing time.

The advantage of this method is that if you use the strategy of drifting in parallel, at the end you can easily overturn the strategy to make a big profit. Playing multiples is quite safe, but there are still some people who go to the island because they do not follow the correct ratio until the end. What you must always ensure is that you start with a low capital and have enough ability to maintain it, not giving up midway.
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Bet on 1-3-2-4

Strategy for playing baccarat online 789BET Considered quite effective by many people. When applied, it will help you reduce the amount of losing bets. At the same time, maximize your winnings. Proceed as follows:

  • Round 1: Place a bet unit.
  • Round 2: Win increases to three betting units, lose returns to one unit.
  • Round 3: Win again, reduce the bet to two units.
  • Round 4: Continue to increase the bet to four units if you win.

If you lose in any hand, the player needs to return to betting one unit. The value of this unit is up to you to choose.

Drifting along the water

For this bet, you will observe based on historical betting results. The purpose of this observation is to grasp the communication line. Specifically, continuously win Player or Banker. Next, wait for a no-bet game. The next round will be based on the results of the previous round. When tied, continue waiting for the next round.

For example:

  • Round 1: No betting – Banker appears.
  • Round 2: Bet Banker on the results of round 1 and win.
  • Round 3: Bet Banker again and win.
  • Round 4: Banker bet but lost.
  • Round 5: Player and Win bets.
  • Round 6: Player bet.


The article above has helped players answer questions about how to play baccarat online 789BET win? The above methods are applied by many people and improve the situation very well. Depending on each person’s ability, choose a suitable way to bet. From there, you will receive a large source of bonuses.


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