Subwoofer Placement Smarts: Do’s and Don’ts for Optimal Bass

Did you wish to have the feel of the boom in your room? Where you locate your subwoofer may well be the ultimate determiner to the quality of sound you get. Whether for home theatre to feel the thud with every movie scene or listening to music, the right location for a wireless subwoofer will amplify your bass without hindrance. Here is a step to step guide on the dos and don’ts in order to get the best out of your subwoofer.

Understand Your Subwoofer

A subwoofer, especially a wireless subwoofer, is like a bass magician for your home audio system. Those bass sounds in music, movies and games feel like they’re coming right from your living room. However, magic even for them needs the proper environment to thrive to the best!

 Do: Try Different Spots

Try positioning of your wireless subwoofer in different parts of the room to identify where they can attain the best sounds of bass. Ironically, at times, the bass may boom more when one stands on the corner of a particular room, while at other times, they just have to stand a little way from one side of a particular wall. This is like accustoming to where one fits best in a hide and seek game.

 Don’t: Hidden It in A Cabinet

It may be tidy to hide your wireless subwoofer behind a curtain or place it in a cabinet or behind a piece of furniture, but putting barriers between it and the listener will deaden its output. Right, you don’t put tape over your mouth and lips while singing a song do you? Therefore, make sure there is sufficient air circulation to your subwoofer and you should actually place it where there is ample space around it.


The following advice takes the similar attribute of ‘Near Main Speakers’ to the next level:

It is recommended that you position your wireless subwoofer near your other speakers in your home theater set making the sound natural. It is just like the combination of the band members and one, on a single stage, it is just that everything is enhanced.

 Don’t: Put It on an Unstable Base

Ensure that the auxiliary speaker of your wireless subwoofer is placed on the correct surface flat on the ground. If you put it on something unstable like a small fragile table, it will shake the item and even change the audio frequencies produced. It’s such a chaotic activity; like when you are on a rollercoaster trying to take a sip of soda.


In its place use the Phase Control to rekindle the flame of communication between you two.

If you have a control for phase in your subwoofer, then you should align the bass of the subwoofer to your other speakers. It is a fairly small button on the front of some stereos or receivers that makes the sound produced by all the speaker reach your ears simultaneously. Perfect harmony!

 Don’t: Two Funerals and a Wedding

Please recall subwoofers can pack a real punch. Remember the neighbors and perhaps, do not blast bass music, especially past night time. It’s like not shout when some one is sleeping.


Crossover is a feature that allows an audio signal to be split and sent to different speakers or it checks how well an input signal is being directed to a subwoofer.

Crossovers are the traffic policemen of your sound system; it directs your bass sounds to the subwoofer and your higher sounds to the speakers. This sets the right direction for your music or maybe movies, and they don’t come out all messy and jumbled. Tinker with the settings to find out what is good to hear according to your individual preference.

 Don’t: Overpower the Room

Of course, your subwoofer is capable of producing very loud sound; but, that does not necessarily mean that you always have to turn it up to the maximum. When you bringing the volume up too high, the bass reduces everything to almost nothing. Sometimes this is due to recording or mixing in some orders or facets; it should be proportionate, like not seeing the singer overshadowed by the drum set in a band.

Get the Most Out of Your Powered Subwoofer

A powered subwoofer with a built-in amplifier is excellent because it can be adjusted to perfectly match the acoustics of your room. You can fine-tune it and refine it until it is nauseating to the ear – very similar to the fine-tuning of picture settings of your newly purchased television.

 Wrapping It Up

Some vibes make you want to turn it up, others make you want to come up with new lyrics for the song, and some make you want to just feel the bass right.

Good sound can instantly become great sound all because of the choice of the right location for the wireless subwoofer. By applying these very basic techniques, you will be able to feel and hear that much more powerful bass that enhances your movies and music. Well, try and discover that perfect bass in your house!

Having two subwoofers takes the guesswork out of it once you have the knowledge of how to properly setup your subwoofer. Happy are the listeners of amplified basses and the feelings that come from watching movies or listening to music with them!

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