Tips for Betting on Double Lottery Odds Not Everyone Knows

Kep Lech – a term that is quite unfamiliar to many rookies at the bookmaker New88. If you do not know this concept, please join us in exploring the updated standard information below.

Introduction to Kep Lech lottery for new recruits

Double Deflection This is a way to play that many bettors use when accessing the lottery betting hall at the New88 bookmaker. Not only is it highly effective, but most players find this entry method quite simple. To get the standard numbers, you need to choose the numbers according to the double and skewed tables that have been detailed in statistics and enter the money to receive the prize immediately.

In particular, the numbers selected according to this way of playing will be matched from 2 numbers and this number will be the shadow of the other number. However, the results of this category’s odds table will also be updated regularly every day, so players need to refer to it further. For example, pairs of balls such as 0-7, 1-4, 2-5, 3-8, 4-9,… and the bettor chooses the first number to be 0 will get the number pair 07-70, similar to other numbers. another pair of lottery balls.

Some of the most effective Double Deviation lottery betting tips

In addition to entering the three-digit lottery, gan lottery, etc., the effective method chosen by many betting experts is not to ignore the double odds. Below are some tips to help you always win every time you bet.

Get the first number using the previous day’s lottery results

At New88 online bookmaker, we will update you with complete information and detailed analysis from the previous day’s 3-region lottery results. You need to update the fastest and latest news to start lottery effectively. Because with this bet, as long as you know only 1 number, the chance of success is extremely high. Many members here have won big after just one bet.

Use the silent suffix to find the standard double number

This is an experience in playing online lottery that not all bettors know. The advantage of using this way of playing is that it helps members improve the success rate of their bets. Easy-to-hit dumb tails usually do not appear for at least the last 3 consecutive days. If you have calculated the details, you should not miss these rare lucky opportunities.

Choose the appropriate Double Deflection lottery bet

Lottery is also known by many members of the house with the funny name “giant online betting hall”. Because even though you don’t have a high betting capital, or even a very low one, the results you get after each participation are extremely huge. However, to get that, in addition to choosing how to play, you also need to consider the most suitable bet and odds. 

Keep track of the double lottery numbers for each prize

This is definitely one of the best strategies for betting money with this method. Regularly updating the double lottery numbers that appear for each prize in the 3-region lottery results table also helps members have more accurate calculations and the closest comments and predictions for the next drawing.

Some questions about how to play Kep Lech lottery?

The answers to questions about how to play double lotteries below can bring you some useful information. Rookies at bookmaker New88 definitely shouldn’t miss out.
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What is the reward rate when playing Kep Lech?

What is the redemption rate when playing Kep Lech? This is a question that many people wonder when participating in this type of lottery. At our bookmaker, when members join, not only do they not have to pay any costs, but they also receive a very high payout rate. However, the exact amount depends on the number of lottery points you choose and the initial capital when playing. 

Details of the odds at the bookmaker are as follows:

  • Play odd pair of numbers and odd negative pair: 10,000 VND winning will be 99,000 VND
  • Bet on the odd pair: 24,000 VND if you win, you will win 99,000 VND
  • Bet on the odd negative pair: 40,000 VND and win 99,000 VND
  • Play the wrong lottery and negative pair: 10 points (10 * 27,000 VND) win 98,000 VND * number of reward points
  • Play the lottery close to the wrong pair: 24 points (24 * 27,000 VND) if you win, you will win 98,000 VND * number of reward points
  • Closely hit the negative pair: 40 points (40 * 27,000 VND) and you will receive 98,000 VND * reward points.

How to have effective Double Deviation bets?

In addition to the betting tips above that we have just updated for you, to have effective bets, you can also choose to make good bets. This means that the numbers given will ensure the winning rate as well as have been calculated and evaluated in detail at New88. 


Betting on Double Deflect lottery is both simple and brings players a huge amount of money. Hopefully through the above sharing, you will have more useful information about this type of lottery. Wishing you all luck and fortune at New88 online lobby. 

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