What is Bai U? Basic gameplay for beginners according to textbook standards

What is Bai U? Basic gameplay and related tips are questions many people are wondering. Anyone who tries it will agree with its ease of play. At the same time, it opens up many opportunities to win extremely large real money prizes. Are you curious? 789bet Learn more about this card game right below.

What is Bai U? And related definitions

Answer to the question What is Bai U? This is a popular folk card game in Vietnam, especially the North. Or also known by a more familiar name Phom or Ta La. Although simple, the game has an irresistible charm that everyone likes.

Bai U is often used as a pastime when friends have the opportunity to gather together. In particular, it has become an indispensable spiritual dish on holidays and festivals. Everyone, young and old, has a strong passion for this red and black sport.

Now the game has become more popular and appears in many online game portals. So how to play online What is Bai U? Come to the house 789BET, bettors will be immersed in intense mind battles. At the same time, you can win many attractive rewards if you win against your opponents.

Why should you try Bai U? 789BET

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Generous victory rewards

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Secure user reputation information

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How to play Card U according to textbook standards

How to play What is Bai U? Let’s learn about the basic principles below.

Conventions of decks of cards

Just like regular card games, Phom also uses a set of 52 cards. However, the special feature of this game is that the quality of the card is not important. The order of the pieces is also arranged as follows: K> Q> J> 10> 9> 8> 7> 6> 5> 4> 3> 2> A.

What are the terms in Bai U?

To not be too unfamiliar with the game, you also need to learn about the following terms:

  • Phom: Gather 3 consecutive cards of the same suit or rank.
  • Spam: The cards cannot be connected together into a certain combination.
  • Venom: After the Dealer has finished dealing the cards, the remaining cards are called Stumps. They are placed in the center of the table for players to bet on in each round.
  • Mouth: At the end of the game, all the cards in the pile are picked up without forming a phom called den.
  • Ù: The player will win absolutely when he owns 9 cards that all form phom.
  • Eating pin: On the final turn, players release junk cards called pegs.
  • Temple: On the last turn, if you hit the pin but the person behind can win and buzz, the bettor must pay the whole village.
  • Re: When playing cards, the next person who takes your trash will have their position changed and the player will have the right to re-draw the card.
  • Send: The previous person puts down a card and you own the card so they can create a phom, then the player can send a card. This helps reduce the number of points you own while increasing your bet.

What are the eating styles in Bai U?

Only those who are very lucky can Buzz in the first game. This is a way for your hand to win instantly without having to take any action. Common types of Buzzing seen in a Phom game include:
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  • Round buzzing: Starting the game with 3 phom combinations in hand will result in an instant win.
  • White buzzing: Similar to Round Buzz when all 10 cards form phom.
  • Buzzing: The player plays 3 cards down and the next person can take them all to create phom. You must compensate your opponent depending on the previous agreement.

The above article has detailed answers to all questions for new players about the question What is Bai U?. Join now 789BET to enjoy moments of entertainment right away!

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