5 Easy Tips To Stay Fashionable While Travelling

Travelling gives you confidence. It can boost creativity and reduce stress. If you want to look your best while travelling, you have to plan ahead. Choosing the right carry on luggage is just one way to look stylish when you’re away from home. Here are some of our best tips for managing your style to be confident and comfortable wherever the path takes you.

Pack the Right Clothing

To be stylish, you want clothes that fit you well and will stand up to your activities. Plus, since you’re on vacation, you want to be comfortable. Look for wrinkle-free fabrics that won’t need a lot of fuss to look good. Breathable fabrics, like silks, cotton or polyester blends are good choices, but it can depend on your destination. Choosing a wardrobe that you can layer clothing can help you be more comfortable without overpacking.

Color Coordinate With Your Luggage

When you’re packing for your trip, think about how your luggage coordinates with your wardrobe for maximum style appeal. Go for a Beis weekend personal item tote in a neutral color that coordinates with many different outfits to avoid having to pack extra bags. If your wardrobe tends to be more neutral in color with flamboyant accessories, choose a tote that brings in some of your usual color schemes. Looking stylish and trendy is about balancing color, patterns and textures, so be sure to have a few things that give the eye a place to rest.

Luggage Can Be An Accessory

Your luggage can be extremely versatile, regardless of whether you’re on vacation, a business trip or just going about your daily routine. Work totes transform into handbags that can be carried during the day when you’re enjoying the park or touring a museum. Invest in a good piece of luggage that does double duty as a style-piece to get your money’s worth and to pack lightly.

Pack Versatile Accessories

Don’t go overboard when packing accessories, but make sure to coordinate your jewelry and other accessories to look your best while travelling. You don’t need a full regimen of your makeup either. Pack simply with just a tinted moisturizer, natural eye shadow shades, lip balm and maybe mascara for a night look. But don’t forget the essentials, like sunscreen and a gentle cleanser.

Stay Hydrated and Powered Up

Whether you’re flying, driving or riding by bus, travelling stresses your body. Remember to stay hydrated by drinking more water than you normally do. Eat lean proteins, lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains to be fueled up for whatever comes your way. You’ll feel and look better when you’re managing your healthy routine, giving you a boost of confidence which shows up in your styling.

Find luggage that complements your traveling style and personality to have a complete look at the airport, on the beach or on a walking tour of the city. When you look great while you’re travelling, you’ll enjoy yourself more and project self-esteem to get more out of your experience.

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