Check Current Train Status and Do IRCTC Train Booking Online Easily

People no longer have to wait in huge lines at railway counters for purchasing their train tickets. For convenience of its customers, Indian Railways now enables them to purchase train tickets online. Nonetheless, IRCTC train booking via IRCTC website could seem overwhelming to many.

As an official railway partner, Railofy streamlines and simplifies the process of purchasing electronic tickets. Train tickets may be purchased using the official website or mobile app up to 120 days in advance. Keep reading to learn how to book your IRCTC train tickets using an app or website and get real-time train status.

The Importance of Purchasing IRCTC Train Tickets

You should utilise the online platform for IRCTC train booking for many reasons: 

  • Easy and intuitive e-ticket booking is now possible from the ease of your home.
  • The tickets can be presented to the Ticket Collector in two ways: printed or downloaded from a mobile device.
  • Determine the train’s schedule and availability before purchasing a ticket. Getting information and ticket availability is a breeze, and the enquiry procedure is even easier. You can see whether there are any available seats on the selected train.
  • You may get validated rail tickets by using forecasts and alternative train combinations.
  • When you cancel your rail ticket, you will get a complete refund right away.

How to Purchase Train Tickets Online?

If you want to buy train tickets, here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the IRCTC website.
  • Select “Book Train Tickets.”
  • Input the information such as travel class, departure date and source
  • Complete the passenger information. Please specify whether the traveller is a minor, an adult, or a senior person. 
  • Sign in using your IRCTC ID. Go to, the IRCTC website, to sign up for a user ID if you don’t already have one.
  • Proceed with the payment to reserve your tickets.
  • After you finish booking your train tickets using your IRCTC login information, the IRCTC website will redirect you.
  • Your ticket will be available for printing or downloading.

Making Real-Time Train Status Checks

You may save a lot of hassle and make better arrangements if you have current information on the status of live trains, such as when they are expected to arrive and leave at various stations, any delays, etc. These days, all it takes is a few clicks on your computer to check the live status of the train ticket and do IRCTC train booking.

The IRCTC live rail ticket status feature allows passengers to see the train’s route, travel time, and arrival and departure times at different stations. You may check the status of your rail ticket accurately and in real-time.

Applications that have been authorised by the Indian Railway Central Train Reservation Corporation (IRCTC) provide the most up-to-date and accurate information on the current status of trains. With the help of the National Train Enquiry System, the Railofy app can reliably tell you where your IRCTC-approved train tickets stand.

Easy Steps to Verify the Current Status of Your Train Ticket

There are many options to monitor the live train status, including departure and arrival times at various stations, delays (if any), and more.

Use of a Mobile App

In order to check the train status using the IRCTC mobile app or a trusted partner like the Railofy app, you must:

  • Enter the train’s name or number.
  • To get the arrival and departure timings, choose the day and the station.
  • Your smartphone will display the train’s status in real-time. The status may be obtained regardless of whether you are a rail passenger or not. If you have someone to meet at the station and value punctuality, this will prove to be an invaluable asset.

Over WhatsApp

Additionally, you may use WhatsApp to obtain real-time train status. The Railofy Whatsapp number is 9881193322; be sure to add it to your contacts. You may see the current running status of a train at any time by going to the chat window on the Whatsapp number and entering the PNR Number. This is a 10-digit number that is issued to every train ticket bought on IRCTC.


Is an IRCTC account required to purchase train tickets online?

Yes. To purchase rail tickets online, you must have an IRCTC account. Using Railofy or any other travel website to purchase rail tickets still requires the IRCTC User ID.

Should I print out the rail ticket?

The website or mobile app allows users to print their train tickets upon booking. But, an alternative is to print off the ticket and present it electronically to the train officials.

What information is being offered on the real-time train run status?

The live train running status feature gives information including – the present train status, the arrival and departure times for all stations in real time and delay information if any in real-time.

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