Makeup Essentials To Keep in Your Beach Bag All Summer Long

Headed to the beach? Remember to pack more for your skin and body than just a tube of sunscreen. Beach lighting is perfect for sun-kissed photos, and you never know when a day at the beach can quickly flip into a night of summer partying. Keep makeup essentials like blush, lip gloss and more in your beach bag so that you’re always ready to glow.

Plumping Gloss

Is it even summer if you don’t have a tube of shimmery lip gloss in your beach bag? Gloss is an essential part of the dewy, wet look makeup that’s on trend this summer.

Plumping gloss includes compounds that wake up the lips without stinging like old-school lip plumpers. Instead, you’ll feel a pleasant tingling sensation. Go with a clear plumping gloss for a natural look at the beach and switch over to a richly colored gloss for dinner, drinks or dancing.

Brow Gel

The last thing you want to think about at the beach is your eyebrows, so set them and forget them with a powerful brow gel. Choosing one tailored towards the laminated look gives great hold and a natural finish even if you’re not stacking and laminating your brows. To reapply brow gel, just sweep it over your brows and blot off any excess remaining on your skin.

Glow Face Mist

Highlighter pulls the ambient light to the highest points of your face and chest for a spotlight glow even when you’re outside. No one wants to mess with a powder highlighter when they’re out and about, though. A traditional pan highlighter can dry out the skin in harsh conditions, and the powder can break if you’re not careful with your bag.

The solution? Pack some glow face mist instead. This hydrating mist sprays on easily and clings to the most important parts of the face, staying there even in sunlight and humidity.


All highlighter and no blush make for one-dimensional makeup. Be sure to back a travel blush for beach touch-ups, too. A creme and powder blush duo gives you the most dimension and staying power.

Go big with your blush duo to get the glowiest, most high-impact and most contemporary look. First, apply the powder blush all the way from the outer cheekbone to the hairline. Then, layer the creme blush over this powder blush to keep the skin looking natural and hydrated while building up color and depth.

Body Oil

The makeup trend this summer is shimmer and dew, so don’t let your face have all the fun. Pack a body oil that gives a subtle glow of gold and shimmer to your arms and legs as well. As a bonus, body oil shimmer contains skin-nourishing ingredients like Vitamin C and smoothing squalene for a flawless summer look.

You don’t have to wear a full face of makeup at the beach to take stunning pictures and feel high glam. Instead, pack a few face and body essentials for touch-ups throughout the day, and remember to go heavy on the shimmer to soak up all of the summer sun.

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